This is new ELAN R series which has the enhanced properties.

It is made with black and yellow-oranged color and more visible oranged LCD and protection guard. More powerful properties, design and compact size are give customers satisfaction. Users feel easier than before by using joistick instead of the button. More visible in dark area using joistick LED when charging/discharging. Click and play the video in left, you can check the appearance and properties of product. If you want more information detail, please inquire by e-mail.


Smart charging is new technology of ELANGEARS. It has advantages of boost, multi-level and pulsed charging technologies. The charging speed is fast ans stable and it can reduce the battery damage.


ELAN R series is produced via various patent and certificate. We are try to make more reliable products for the pride of technology and certoficate of safety.


ELANGEARS supply to many countries for each distributor. We`ll try to provide to a greater variety of countries. If you want to be our distributor, please contact us anytime.
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